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Announcing the BIMA Blog

Communication, Conference, Commitment 

In 2018 as BIMA set about updating our presence in the market and online we updated our website. Along with the update we added a blog. Really this is about communication with you as a member. While to date it’s been more than a little quiet we do intend to make better use of this tool to stay in touch with you. After all we are an association made up of members providing support for its members. The aim is not to overwhelm your inbox, as that happens enough already, but find items that are relevant for us all as traders. 

This week we held our annual Spring conference. Thank you to all those that attended as it makes for better discussions the more we all contribute. It’s my aim to have at least one takeaway from each conference and I did this week. So, again, thank you for the discussion points. Another important piece of our conference is the feedback surveys. These are crucial for us to develop future conference agendas so we are addressing those topics that members feel are important to them. For those who provided feedback, it’s most appreciated. If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, please do so. Even a note to me is great. After all it’s your conference. Early feedback we’ve received to date has been positive so I feel like we hit on topics that people are interested in. Keep them coming. 

Finally, one area where, as an association we can perhaps do better, is to act as a voice of advocacy in the market. We hear so much that regulators and others are looking for us, as buyside market participants, to have a voice. We should take advantage of this and look to speak up when we have a chance. It’s our commitment as an association to be that voice for you. To that end I’m participating in the CSTA Spring Educational Event on Internalization on May 13th as a representative of BIMA. Please come out to the event as we make our voice part of the conversation. 

On behalf of the BIMA board thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to be here for you. 

Brent Robertson, President, BIMA

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