Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Buy-Side Investment Management Association (BIMA) is to represent the interests of investors who have entrusted funds to buy-side investment institutions.
BIMA will do this through the promotion of best investment management practices by:

  • providing a forum for members to share information and dialogue, and;

  • interacting with regulators and other members of the investment community to promote best practices.


To promote the implementation of best practices among members by:

  1. Providing credible representation of BIMA members within the financial community.

  2. Providing a forum where issues affecting investment operations can be discussed in an open, confidential and informative manner.

  3. Soliciting input from members concerning requests for submissions from regulators. 

  4. Sharing information with members concerning the analysis and concerns regarding the implications of proposed regulatory changes. 

  5. Preparing responses to proposed changes that reflect the opinion of the majority of members. 

  6. Organizing meetings for members where different investment practices and trends can be presented and discussed. 

  7. Acting as reference where members with issues can be directed to other members who have or are dealing with similar issues.