BIMA Community


Directors must be BIMA members or become members within ten days of their appointment. Directors are not remunerated.

Director Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities Of Directors


BIMA is federally incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act. This act will soon be replaced by the pending Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

BIMA is bound by this legislation and therefore its board is legally obligated to ensure that BIMA is in compliance with the Act.


BIMA directors are required to familiarize themselves with the bylaws. BIMA’s bylaws state the rules and regulations under which BIMA must operate.

BIMA is bound by these bylaws and therefore its board is legally obligated to ensure that BIMA is in compliance with the bylaws.

Conflict of Interest

This is addressed in the bylaws but merits specific attention. Directors are required to disclose any direct or indirect interest in contracts awarded by BIMA and to recuse themselves from voting on the outcome.


Terms are two years and directors may be re-elected.

Board Meetings

Directors are required to attend board meetings. These are held via conference call on the second Wednesday of each month at 12.15pm ET and typically take 30-45 minutes. Additional board meetings are added as needed to plan for the conferences.


Directors are expected to actively participate in at least one committee. Committees manage the work of the organization and they are critical to BIMA’s success.

BIMA currently has four committees. These include the following:

  1. Governance Committee. This committee is responsible for providing guidance to the board on governance and for undertaking projects as necessary to ensure that the board acts in compliance with legislation, its bylaws and policies.

  2. Nominating Committee. This committee is responsible for providing a roster of directors and officers for the AGM each year.

  3. Conference Committee. This committee is responsible for providing leadership in planning the two annual conferences.

  4. Membership Committee. This committee is responsible for attracting new members.


Directors are expected to take an active role in planning and executing the two annual conferences. Each director typically organizes and moderates a panel at least once each year.

Article Of The Month

One director takes responsibility for the Article of the Month. Each month a new article that is relevant to buy side professionals is posted on the BIMA website.

Officers’ Responsibilities

Executive roles require a minimum commitment of one year and officers may be re-elected. BIMA officers are bound by all of the requirements of directors with the additional responsibilities of their executive role.


  • Provide general supervision over the affairs of the organization

  • Chair all member meetings and board meetings

  • Act as an ex-officio member of all committees


  • Perform the duties of the President in his or her absence


  • Ensure that directors receive notices of board and committee meetings

  • Ensure that minutes are taken at each meeting and that the minutes are filed on the document management system

  • Take charge of the corporate seal

  • Ensure that all BIMA documents are organized and accessible on the document management system

  • Ensure that members receive notice of elections of directors and receive the roster of nominees

  • Notify membership candidates of admission to membership


  • Provide quarterly financial statements to the board and annual financial statements at the AGM

  • Keep proper books of account with an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements

  • Disburse funds as required

  • Deposit all money and valuables to the organization’s bank

  • Provide an account of all transactions to the board

Past President

  • Provide continuity and guidance to the President