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The Secret Of High Performance

Successful buy-side traders and managers understand the importance of knowing others and being known. Technical expertise and market knowledge are valuable, but they only get you so far. Top tier performers are well-connected, highly informed and influential among their peers.

The Buy-Side Investment Management Association (BIMA) exists to help its members reach and maintain that higher level of success, by providing a community for Canadian buy-side traders to connect with their peers, learn ways to enhance their performance and advance their careers.

With BIMA, the door is open to reach beyond the boundaries of your company to make connections, build relationships and become known among a peer group of top-performing investment buyers.

BIMA also helps you stay at the top of your game by providing access to educational opportunities, peer support and industry news and analysis.

And BIMA gives you a voice in the industry by actively soliciting your input on important issues and representing the collective interest of its members to regulatory bodies and other key industry groups.

BIMA is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering high performance and best practices among its members.